From the book:

An excerpt from the book “Meeting The Jewels”.  The Four Jewels held their auditions at Bo Diddley’s house on a Saturday afternoon and I was there too. I was a little nervous even though I knew them slightly but Margie knew me best. They had also heard us rehearse before. I was really good at hearing a part and holding my note so I automatically knew how to follow and make the changes, in other words, I had a good musical ear.  Margie, was the one who introduced me to Sandra and Grace, she told them I was the one that Bo said to try out.

They were very nice to me and there were also a few other young ladies that were coming around later for the audition.

So they asked me what songs I knew and I told them not too many but if they wanted me to harmonize on something I could pretty much follow along if they hummed it to me first to give me an idea of what they wanted. “Okay” Sandra answered. “Are you familiar with our song, ‘Loaded with Goodies’? “Yes.” I replied, “I’ve heard it before.” “Okay” she said, we are going to sing some of it then we want you to sing the middle harmony.”

They started to sing the song, harmonizing beautifully.  Margie was pointing at herself to me as if she wanted me to sing in the same key that she was singing in, I acknowledged her and started singing her notes. They repeated the same phrase over and over until I got the words correct in the phrase.

The next thing I knew was that Margie had stopped singing and I held my note like I had been singing with them all the time.

“I started singing professionally at age of seventeen and I never thought when I started singing on stage with James Brown at twenty one, that I would still be doing this at seventy years old!”